Suchard assortment Christmas limited edition box

Suchard assortment Christmas limited edition box

Suchard Prelude Christmas limited edition box

Kraft Christmas ornaments limited edition packaging

Kraft Easter eggs limited edition packaging

Reinventing the limited edition concept for the 4 main chocolate brands owned by Kraft Foods: Suchard, Suchard Prelude, Milka and Toblerone. After a first strong redesign of the traditional Easter eggs, each one in a pattern inspired by the individual brand personalities, the success was repeated for Christmas. The Christmas ornaments represent Scandinavian knitting patterns giving a playful touch to the Holidays. For more official events, limited edition boxes were designed, the Marché de Noël assortment box being the most personalized, inspired by the Strassbourg roots of the Suchard brand.

Conept design. Graphic design.

Creative Direction. Graphic design. Concept design
Kraft Foods