Iggesund Black Box Project

Iggesund Black Box Project. Trailer

Transforming the typical self-indulgent paper promotion into a design statement on the properties and value of paper in an increasingly digital world, whilst building a international social network of artists, students, friends and family, collaborating to make it happen.

Iggesund Black Box art works: Fltr: In the land of the blind the One-Eyed Man is King | Pixelicious | Me me me | Ceci n’est pas une pomme.

Iggesund Black Box Project | Making of

Creation of artwork “In the land of the blind, the One-Eyed Man is King".

Step1: We asked 30+ designers from around the world, including Landor employees from different offices, to create a design 70x70 pixels in size using up to 8 set colours, and the ability to overlay finishes on top of the design.

Step2: We produced 30, 000 physical cubes measuring 3x3x3cm in size, that utilized the different colours and finishes. Constructed over 2 days with 35 volunteers, comprised of students, designers, friends and family, the Black Box Project came alive with four chosen designs built to a size of 3x3m, displayed on oversized easels.

Iggesund Black Box Project | Virtual Real Concept movie

Iggesund Black Box Exhibition Paris.

Iggesund Black Box Exhibition New York.

Iggesund Black Box Exhibition. Lecture Rob Evers. Götheborg.

Iggesund Black Box Project. Exhibition movie.

Step3: the works go on exhibition, covering a space of 9 square meters instead of the initial size constraints of 21x21x21cm.

A graphically strong identity, that helps draw focus to Landor’s contribution. The posters (see Iggesund Poster Art) not only brought in almost two dozen students to help build the project over the weekend, but in-turn, received a New York Type Directors Club Certificate of typographic excellence (which are now also part of that touring global exhibition). A job well done for a project that expanded way beyond just a simple piece of design fitting into a black box.

Environment design. Event design. Graphic design. Industrial design.

Creative Director. Graphic Designer. Spokes man
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