Barista. A special limited edition of three coffees based on barista milk recipes. The sleeves are inspired by barista café environments. The retail campaign focusses on the mix of coffee and milk, in a graphic interpretation of the subtle gradated coffee capsules.

Spring 2018. Awaken Your Senses morning campaign. A tactile circular disc, executed in a variety of oranges and yellows, representing the rising morning sun. The graphic element plays a hero role in the retail campaign as well, accompanied by animated coocoo clocks that presents the selection of Nespresso morning coffees.

Summer 2018. Chill Out Your Summer campaign, presenting two iced coffee recipes capsules and a matching retail campaign bringing the consumer in a chilled summer environment.

360° design for Nespresso worldwide, including (limited edition) pack design, instore retail, windows and miscellaneous projects. The work presented here are examples of succesful campaigns in both packaging and retail design (for flagship key boutiques and standard boutiques)

Creative Director. Designer