When Suchard launched Imagine, it was a one-off premium offering in a small portfolio of chocolate rochers. With the wish to innovate and place a second, even more premium product next to Imagine, the question on how to do this became abundantly clear. There was no territory in which this new addition could be anchored and find its roots.

Suchard is a French chocolate icon with a heritage over 150 years old.After the successful Rocher and Mini Rocher, the introduction of the Imagine praline laid the foundation of Suchard’s Maison des Pralines, offering room for the creation of a brand territory and product innovation. Suchard’s Prélude carries the delicate and seductive chocolate curves of the product into the box structure. The form reflects both the elegance of a woman and the sophistication of a bowtie: it has become a signature shape language and key asset of the brand. This along with the Suchard diamond, a sophisticated colour palette and gifting and luxury cues, provide the ingredients for Suchard’s Maison des Pralines. No wonder the product is perceived as delicate and premium and a worthy addition next to the elegant Imagine.

After the successful introduction of brand equity elements it was easy to modify the already iconic Imagine hand-bag box to this new graphic style.

Creative Director, designer