Identity system for Festival Les Enfants d’Abord, A cultural Parisian festival for children from 1 to 6 years old and their families, taking place on barges (peniches) and locations along the Seine river in Paris.

The unique character of the on-water location of the festival is cleverly translated by the creation of a visual alphabet inspired by the international maritime signal flags. Each graphic shape represents an alphabet letter. By assembling the letters in illustrative compositions one can spell words in a playful and visual ways. The best example is the identity itself, executed in a childlike manuscript and visualized by an iconic boat shape composed out of the first letters of each word of the association’s name (LEDA).

The new identity speaks both to parents and their small children – who respond to strong forms and colours – and creates a strong and recognizable symbol for the festival.

Identity and graphic universe

Creative Direction
Festival Les Enfant d’Abords, Association Pari(s) Jeune Public
October 2015
Identity, programme, brochure, poster, website